Melio - Find the blood test that best suits your needs.

Find the blood test that best suits your needs.

  • Sample taken by a trained professional
  • Personalized medical comment by one of our doctors
  • Most results within 1-3 days depending on the test
  • 100% secure
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General Health

A comprehensive overview of your current health status

How Melio works

Keep an active relationship with your health in three simple steps.

  • Buy without medical prescription

    Fill in your details and buy online in minutes.Do you want to buy for someone else?

  • Take your test

    Visit one of our partner clinics. If you need an appointment, our customer service team can arrange it for you via chat or call1242 504 458

  • Personalised medical report

    A member of our medical team will prepare a digital report with your results and recommendations to take control of your health.

Take control of your health

  • A quick and careful experience

    A Melio appointment is just 15 minutes long, and with an expert who carefully takes the highest quality sample and supports you throughout.

  • High-quality results

    Your blood is analysed by the largest labs in Europe, ensuring your results are highly accurate.

  • Recommendations for you

    Your results come with personalised recommendations from our team of experts so you can start a personal and meaningful health journey.