Melio - Find the blood test that best suits your needs.

Find the blood test that best suits your needs.

  • Sample taken by a trained professional
  • Personalized medical comment by one of our doctors
  • Most results within 1-3 days depending on the test
  • 100% secure
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General Health

A comprehensive overview of your current health status

Diet & Lifestyle

Test packages designed to measure the effects of your diet and lifestyle


Test packages for mothers to be.

Women’s Health

Tests related to the menstrual cycle, fertility, and other aspects of female health.

Men’s Health

Popular tests for male health and fertility.


Tests to measure thyroid function

Occupational Health

Ocupational heatlth tests


PCR swabs and antibody tests

How Melio works

Keep an active relationship with your health in three simple steps.

  • Buy without medical prescription

    Fill in your details and buy online in minutes.Do you want to buy for someone else?

  • Take your test

    Visit one of our partner clinics. If you need an appointment, our customer service team can arrange it for you via chat or call1242 504 458

  • Personalised medical report

    A member of our medical team will prepare a digital report with your results and recommendations to take control of your health.

Take control of your health

  • A quick and careful experience

    A Melio appointment is just 15 minutes long, and with an expert who carefully takes the highest quality sample and supports you throughout.

  • High-quality results

    Your blood is analysed by the largest labs in Europe, ensuring your results are highly accurate.

  • Recommendations for you

    Your results come with personalised recommendations from our team of experts so you can start a personal and meaningful health journey.