Melio 2022 results experience overhaul: Your health in a new look
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Melio 2022 results experience overhaul: Your health in a new look

Melio 2022 results experience overhaul: Your health in a new look

May 30, 2022

We’ve made progress so you can see yours better

At melio, we’re constantly trying to improve your access to better knowledge about your health. That’s why we invest in the most comprehensive and innovative tests. It’s why we constantly grow the specialisms in our team, in particular our clinical expertise. And it’s why we’ve overhauled the way we deliver your results.

Your health in a new look

We constantly listen to our customers. Your feedback and ideas keep us pushing to get better and we’ve been making improvements that help you comprehend your health results.

What this means is close to a complete overhaul of the way we report your results; to give you a better understanding of your health and allow you to see progress better over time.

This changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Melio true trend - A new way to visualize your health markers over time and understand the impact of the changes in your lifestyle or age.

  • Doctor’s insights - Our doctors invest a significant amount of time making sense of your results. You can now see the relevant comments closer to the affected markers.

  • PDF download feature - We understand that reading through your results takes time and have created a downloadable report that you can bring anywhere or share with anybody.

Melio true trend

From global pandemics, to new diets, instructing personal trainers to the general passing of time - everything we do, affects our health. At melio, we see everyday how incredibly malleable our bodies are. All of the biomarkers we measure can be changed by a myriad of different factors from circumstance to determination.

Now, we’ve made it easier for you to see what change really looks like by enabling you to track it over time. Our regular users wanted to take a more long term view of their health and we provided just that.

One test can open your eyes to a wealth of important health data. Reassuring for some, alarming for others. But subsequent tests are the most important, where you can really see trends that denote risks or, in most cases, demonstrate the reward of making positive changes to better your health.

Doctor’s insights

The human body is incredibly complicated and there is so much we want to tell you about yours. Deriving so many data points gives us the ability to go into incredible detail. But we also want to make sure you takeaway what is important and easily learn about your health.

That’s why we have been working hard refining complexity and making it easier for you to understand and delve into the details when you need it.

PDF download feature

You asked, we delivered. One of the most common requests from our community was for a downloadable health report. So we’ve been working on exactly that. We want to enable people to take the right next step for their health and sometimes that is further investigation. Emailing or handing over a report with a vast array of health information is a great way for a GP to get the context they need to help you on your way and identify issues. This feature also lets you take your time and read through the wealth of information about your health.

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