About Melio

About Melio

November 16, 2020

A journey to better health outcomes

We’re an experienced team of

Healthcare experts.






With a simple ambition: To build the most comprehensive health test on the planet.

A journey to better health outcomes

Better health outcomes are best empowered by quality data. That’s why we look at more than 20 million data points from within your blood. We want to see your health in high resolution. And help you comprehend the meaningful change you can make on the journey to good health.

The power within you

The future of personal health has to unlock the potential of the immune system.

That’s why we put it at the heart of what we do. We bring the latest technology, the brightest immunological minds and our products together to create a new path towards better personal health.

The immune system is involved in every area of human health. Disease, inflammation, genetics, environment, and lifestyle all have an impact on your immune system. We can deliver unparalleled health insight by analysing your data at a cellular level and comparing that data to thousands more people and data points.

In the future, no healthcare decision will be made without a more accurate understanding of an individual's health, delivered using data. We aim to bring that future forward.

Our products

We know we have to get health data perfect and that’s what we strive for because our customers deserve accurate and professional results every time.

Our expertise

Constantly striving to enhance our products through better customer experience and innovation, we are continuing to grow a multi-disciplined team to support our bold ambition. We pride ourselves on our scientific integrity and consumer-centric approach so we can build truly impactful products that change the way we think about health.

Where we are

Operating in the UK and Spain, our network covers over 70 million people. If you're interested in learning more about us, we’d love to talk more please drop an email to hello@meliohealth.co.uk.